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Cézava Senior Residence

Discover a pleasant environment where residents can enjoy each day to the full

The company Rezidence Cézava, s.r.o. is to open a private residence for seniors near Brno.

In addition to first-rate modern accommodation in separate apartments or comfortable rooms, the Cézava Residence in Újezd u Brna will offer a special section for seniors who require all-day care due to complications associated with Alzheimer's disease.

We are designing the Cézava Residence together with top architects and people experienced in the field of senior care.

We will offer a space that is in all respects pleasant to live in. Comfortable rooms, a beautiful garden full of greenery and beautiful surroundings are complemented by interiors that have been well thought out to be as cosy as possible for clients.


Thanks to its architectural design, the Cézava Residence offers a unique combination of two types of service that complement each other and bring greater value to clients.


For independent and semi-independent seniors, we offer accommodation in apartments or rooms that provide sufficient privacy. A whole wing is reserved for accommodation. Clients will be able to live here with complete independence, but they will also have access to prepared meals, physiotherapists or the assistance of medical staff as they wish. The scope of services depends on an agreement, and may change according to the current needs of the clients.


For seniors who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's disease and require round-the-clock care, we have a specialised section containing a Special Services Residence. Clients will find comfortable accommodation, friendly staff and a whole range of specialised therapies and activities for enjoyable leisure time and to improve their fitness.


In the Czech Republic, there is a lack of quality housing for seniors who want to spend their golden years in a community with others, or who no longer feel up to managing all aspects of life on their own.

We have therefore decided to prepare a programme for senior residences of a high standard. I believe that this service will bring clients everyday joy and well-being, and that it will also be highly valued on the market.

Ing. Petr Prokůpek, MBA
Managing Director of Rezidence Cézava, s.r.o.